500km – Almost there

Yay, i almost reached the personal milestone i set myself for July 2015. I am about 7km away from reaching 500km on my bike this month. The rides to work and back home tomorrow should take me well beyond the 500km mark, so it’s time to set the next milestone i guess. The 500km are “bike only”, didn’t add the distances i ran which may be another 60km or so.

Habschned on Runtastic Pro
Habschned on Runtastic Pro

Anyway, here is the new milestone for August 2015: 750km in one month
The new milestone should be harder to reach, given that i won’t be able to bike every day like i did in July. Flying to Edinburgh on August 6th to see the Edin Tattoo which opens on August 7th and some old friends in Largs. Back to Germany on August 9th for two weeks, then it’s off to Denmark for a few days to visit the Medieval Festival (Middelalderfestival) which takes place in Horsens on August 28th and 29th. So with fewer days left i have to up the game and do longer rides on the weekends and maybe extra rides after work to reach the 750km by August 31st :)



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