Sonstige Radtouren

Lanstroper Ei

Das Landstroper Ei Another day, another ride. Today i went for a short bike trip from my place to the “Lanstroper Ei“, a nearby water tower. “Ei” means egg, go figure where the water tower […]

Sonstige Radtouren

10km Training

Was planning on doing something like 20-30 kilometres on the bike today, but due to bad weather conditions i had to cut down on the distance and did just 10 kilometres. Not much of a […]

Bike Stories


That’s right, the penguin guy goes biking. Spent a considerable amount of money on a Mountain Bike and accessories such as a GPS tracking device (Blaupunkt BikePilot), lights and whatnot i will now do tours […]



pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file WordPress kinda drove me mad yesterday. After sorting out the move of FSI to a VPS and making sure that everything works fine, i noticed that the thumbnails in […]