Move WordPress

How to move your WordPress blog to 000webhost.com Hi everyone, i’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about how to move their WordPress blogs from their old host to 000webhost.com and vice versa. While […]


Security problem

Possible security problem detected I just helped a client to sort his “Possible security problem detected” when trying to access the 000webhost.com member area. After checking the IP logs for his account i noticed that […]


Disable ads

How to disable 000webhost.com banners In case you do not log into your 000webhost.com control panel every once in a while 000webhost.com will consider your account inactive and advertisements will appear on your website. They […]

Neues vom Habschned

Hotel Kouris

Was working in WHM when i noticed some strange entries in my access logs from “Hotel Kouris”. Looks like someone was trying to place some sort of remote shell on my server by using something […]

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Hostinger Promo

Save 60% on Hostinger Premium Accounts, Domains and VPS Hostinger came up with another Promo Code that saves you 60% on VPS (Virtual Private Server), Premium Hosting acccounts and Domain registration. Promo Code is valid […]