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Bike Tour 21/06/15
Bike Tour 21/06/15

Was planning on doing something like 20-30 kilometres on the bike today, but due to bad weather conditions i had to cut down on the distance and did just 10 kilometres. Not much of a distance but better than nothing hehe. I would have liked to go for a longer ride but with heavy rain it’s just not that much fun. I managed to find a 30 minute gap with little to no rain and set out for that 10 kilometres, aiming at a heart rate of about 160 to burn some extra calories. Got the bike ready, added mudguards to the front and back wheels, got the GPS device ready and set the training distance to 10km and time to 30 minutes. 10 kilometres not being that much i decided for a nice roundtrip through the fields near the place i live, track also led me through a small grove where i met like a bazillion of people on horses.

Didn’t expect that many people to be outside for a walk or riding their horse, but they didn’t seem to give a f*ck about the rain and the thunderstorm that was forecasted. So in the wood it was a bit like Stop&Go really, had to break every few meters and evade horses and free running dogs. Overall it was a nice, short but very intense trip, the only down was that i looked like a mess afterwards. The mudguards didn’t guard well really, the trouser which was black when i left home changed color to brown, shoes went from grey to brown as well, so did the vest i was wearing hehe.

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