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A common question asked over at the forums is how to upload and extract archives like a ZIP archive for example. A very simple task actually, and i don’t get why people can’t figure that out on their own. Anyway, let’s have a look at how it’s done (and the limitations that are caused by the server configuration).

Let’s assume you are sitting in front of your computer with a ZIP archive of your website ready to be uploaded to your account. To accomplish that you (quite obvious, eh?) have to make your way to the File Manager which can be found in your control panel. Make sure you open the File Manager, not Another File Manager (the latter one does not allow for extracting archives). File Manager File Manager

Now navigate to the folder you want to upload your archive to (typically this would be public_html). You may specify the exact path in the “Upload” window, but for most users it’s easier to first navigate to the target directory and start the upload procedure from there. Now click the Upload button (do not click Java Upload) and have a look at the upload form. Here is where most users mess up. For some reason they do not pay attention to the right half of the screen where the archives can be uploaded, they seem to focus only on the left half for whatever reason. I have lost count on numbers of threads about that in the forums, but apparently users tend to ignore the “Upload Archives” option on the right. Anyway, since you plan on uploading your zipped archive here are a few things to pay attention to before uploading:

Supported Archive types are zip, tar, tgz, gz
Size of Archive should not exceed 5M
If there are files in the target directory with the same name they will be overwritten

Knowing all that you are now good to upload your archive. Click the “Browse” button, locate the archive on your computer and select it. Then make sure you select the correct directory to upload and extract the archive to. When done click the green hook and the archive will be transferred to the server. When the upload is done it will be extracted and you will receive a confirmation on whether everything went ok or not. Usually looks like this (ignore the error message at the top, that error shows up every time and is not related to the actual process of extracting your archive).

000webhost File Manager
000webhost File Manager

If there are no errors shown then everything went fine and your archive was uploaded and extracted successfully.

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