Security problem

Possible security problem detected

I just helped a client to sort his “Possible security problem detected” when trying to access the member area.
After checking the IP logs for his account i noticed that the problem has to be with the user or his computer as the account only showed logins from the same country. After a short troubleshooting it turned out that the user was using Opera Turbo to save on bandwidth and speed up loading of websites.

What is causing this?

While that is a good idea in general, it is not advisable doing it when you plan on accessing the member area. As they use a GeoLocation database for added security you might get in trouble when the IP of the Opera Turbo servers does not match the country you signed up from. Say you registered your 000webhost account from Germany, and then try to access the member area using the Opera Turbo servers (which have a US IP address) you will inevitably see the “Possible security problem detected” error message when logging into the member area.



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