000webhost DDoS

000webhost.com servers under DDOS

Two of the 000webhost.com servers are under DDoS attack for like five days in a row now. server15.000webhost.com and server25.000webhost.com are under DDoS since December 16th 2014, that’s 5 days straight. Must be one of the longest “downtimes” i ever experienced with 000webhost.com. The message in the control panel doesn’t help much. The message reads:

We have just received a HUGE (over 3GB/s incoming traffic) DDoS attack targeting the Server #25. Our CISCO guard firewall was unable to handle such attack, so one of the server IP address – was disabled (all the rest websites on this server are working fine).

If your website is using this IP (due to unique IP rotation system only 3% websites are using this IP) it will be unavailable for the next 6 hours. As soon attack will subside, this IP address will be enabled and your website will start working again. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

As opposed the above message it seems that more IP addresses assigned to the server (each server 000webhost.com operates has 32 IP addresses assigned to it) have been taken offline. I have seen support tickets from users saying that they are on a different IP address but can’t access their sites because they time out. Guess the 000webhost.com admin team forgot to update the announcement hehe. Anyway, both servers are still down at the time of me writing this up, and there is no prediction on when they will be online again.

The main IP address of both servers is still reachable though, if you want to check for yourself then simply open http://server15.000webhost.com/ or http://server25.000webhost.com/ in your browser. I will update this post as soon as i see the servers back online.

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