Security problem! – Possible security problem detected! implements a “security” feature that is supposed to prevent your account from getting hacked by users. When trying to log into the member area there is a GeoIP check to make sure the login comes from the same country the account was created in. Say you created your account while in Germany then everything is fine when logging into the member area with a german IP address. If you go on holiday to…erm…Australia for example, and feel the strange need to log into your member area to access your control panel then the GeoIP check will fail and your account will be locked. A warning message will be displayed on your screen:
[su_box title=”Possible Security Problem detected” style=”soft”]Possible security problem detected! Your computer IP address (***.***.***.***) is located in Australia, but when you first registered for account here, your computer IP address was located in another country.

You can unlock by clicking on a special link, which will be sent to your email. This will also update your registration country, so this situation will not happen again. Click on ‘Email Update Link’ to continue. You can disable this security measure by logging on to members area and clicking on your email (check ‘Customer Details’ tab). [/su_box]

There is an “Email Update” link available which can be used to update your account, but i don’t really know if that helps. As soon as you return from your holiday in Australia you will face the same problem because you are now logging in using a german IP address. This will trigger the GeoIP check again and your account will be locked again. To add to your misery you might use an email address or a Googlemail address which, at times, have problems receiving mails from (mainly because the mail server being blacklisted for sending spam). Should that be the case then you are screwed. Without access to the Unlock email the account is unusable. Your website will still work fine, but you can’t access the control panel at all.

The probably best idea is to turn it off entirely, which can be done fairly easy. All you need to do to disable the security check is to log into your member area and click your email address. This will open your client details, and display a checkbox to disable that “security measure”. Simply untick the box, save the changes and you are good to go. Members Area Members Area

With the security measure disabled you should now be able to log into your account from anywhere in the world.

Should you not have disabled the security measure and are not able to receive emails from then the only option left is to use the Contact form on their website to submit a ticket to the helpdesk, asking them to disable the security measure on your behalf. They will ask you some questions for verification purposes and, if they are convinced that you are the actual account owner, disable the security measure for you, so you can log into your account again without problems.


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