Forced ads?

I haven’t paid much attention to lately and sure have missed some things. But what i read on the forums and their Terms of Service about them now displaying “one popup per website once within 7 days” sounds much like forced ads to me. Personally i haven’t come across one of those popups yet, but i guess they display one of the Hostinger ads they have to push their new free hosting business. They also managed to hide that “one popup per website per week” thing very well in their ToS. Really have to look hard and the first time i went through the ToS i missed it hehe :)

That being said there are also good news:
If you can’t be arsed to look at a popup on your website or do not want your visitors to see it then you can still disable the ads entirely. Works the same way as when disabling ads that are displayed when your account is considered inactive.  Simply edit the .htaccess file in your public_html directory and add the two lines below at the very top of your .htaccess file, then save it.

This will stop the server from adding the code responsible for displaying the ads on your website.


  1. Its not like we did not expect 000webhost to do this .. they have been doing it for years , if your website does not get any visitors for a while that big ugly banner pops up ..

  2. It is considered false advertising because on their website, like the homepage, it clearly says “free hosting without ads”. They are being sneaky with the ads and they know not everyone reads the ToS. I admit I didn’t read it, but still. And it isn’t one ad per week. It is 20 ads per day per IP. So if 5 people go to my website on the same day, 100 ads are displayed.

    • I just went through their new ToS but couldn’t find anything regarding ads/forced ads. But i guess they haven’t changed much (except for the fancy user interface and a more professionally looking website. If you look at a random box they host their user accounts on you still see PHP 5.2.17 being used which is EOL for like forever ->Example Link:

      And i guess their ad system also is the same as it was like when i used them

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