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In case you need to (or want to ) update your client details then you will notice that a few things changed after has been hacked. Before overhauled their member area you simply logged into the member area, clicked the email address in the top right corner to update your password and / or email address for your account.

Well, this doesn’t work anymore. If you now want to change your email address you will have to create a support ticket asking for the staff to change / update your client details. What is left for you to change is disabling or enabling the security measures and setting a new password for accessing the member area. There no longer is the possibility to change your email address yourself.

000webhost change email

Why changing the email address has been disabled i don’t know. There was no announcement or explanation given on the helpdesk blog, but i assume it’s for security reasons (as well as a few other changes they made which you hardly will ever notice until trying something very specific). If sorta banning users from updating their client details is making the service more secure or not is hard to say, there are other things they should tackle instead (PHP version etc.) but that’s how things are at the moment and it is not likely to change back to the old way where you simply put a new email address and saved the changes.

To change the email in your member area please submit a support ticket through their ticket system asking for support

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