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And here is the second part of the 000webhost.com FAQ. What i said about the 000webhost.com FAQ in Part 1 also goes for Part 2. Most of the stuff is up to date as nothing much has changed since we wrote the 000webhost.com FAQ up on the forums. Sure, they added their forced ads that display once every 7 days, but that’s been explained in another post on this blog already and i can’t be arsed to add it to the 000webhost.com FAQ here hehe.


000webhost.com FAQ Part 2

How many accounts can i have?
You are allowed to have as many accounts as you wish

I cannot delete some files or/and directories. When trying i get the error message “Access denied”
This is caused by incorrect permissions or ownership of files and directories. To fix this issue log into your cpanel and scroll to the bottom. There are two options that you´ll have to run: “Fix File Ownership” and “Fix File Permissions”. After running both tools you will be able to remove the files and/or folders.

I cannot upload files anymore
This usually is cause by a so called “file quota”. A file quota defines the maximum amount of files you are allowed to store on your account. There are, however, two different file quotas in place. Depending on the server you are hosted on you can either upload a maximum of 6.000 or 10.000 files. When you reached the limit you will not be able to upload more files until you deleted some files.

I cannot upload .exe files to the server
executable files (.exe) are not allowed to be uploaded. If you want to make the file available for download you will have to use some compression tool like WinRAR and create an archive, then upload it.

Are custom error pages allowed?
Yes, custom error pages can be setup using .htaccess.

Can i connect to your MySQL server from my computer at home to test scripts?
No, remote MySQL connections are disabled for security and server performance reasons on free accounts. If you need such functionality you will have to upgrade your account to premium hosting with hosting24.com.

Why I got “unexpected T_STRING” on my site?
This almost always is down to a line similar to this in your code:

This gets added by some web editors like iWeb for example. The cause of the error message is that .html files at 000webhost.com get parsed as PHP and since the above code is no valid PHP code you will receive an error message when opening a site containing the code. The solution is to remove the line or not use short tags for the declaration.

What is the email sending limit at 000webhost.com
You are not allowed to send more than 30 emails per 5 minutes and no more than 100 emails per hour, if you exceed that it´s considered mass mailing and your account will be suspended. Besides that there is also a limit in place that regulated how many emails can be send at once before it´s considered mass mailing. I did a test in this thread and it turns out to be a bad idea to send more than 15 emails at once. This will get your account suspended for mass mailing too.

How many MySQL databases can i have and how big can they be?
You can have a maximum of two MySQL databases. There are no size restrictions on the database except that the total file size of files stored on your account plus the size of your MySQL database cannot exceed 1500MB.

Are PDO Extensions for MySQL installed?
No, PDO Extensions for MySQL are not available.

How can i check how much bandwidth of my 100GB i have used already?
There is no function in cpanel that will show you how much bandwidth your account has used. However, if you reach 80GB of the available 100GB bandwidth you will receive an email about that. Should you reach / exceed 100% of your bandwidth limit, your account will be temporarily suspended until the first day of the next month.

Search engine friendly URL rewriting is not working?
This is because 000webhost uses virtual directories for the accounts. Because of that you have to add the following line to your .htaccess file before any other rewrite rule in that file

If you need to activate friendly URL rewriting for a script that is installed in a sub directory then you need to change the RewriteBase rule accordingly. As an example for a blog running in the /blog sub directory it would look like


Can i upload files bigger than 2 Megabyte using a PHP upload form?
Unfortunately no, the file size limit for uploading files using PHP is set to 2 Megabytes and cannot be changed. Possible solutions are to upload the file to a file hosting service like Rapidshare and then link to it from your website or split the file in multiple parts using some compression tool like Winrar. You can also upload the file using
FTP which does not have the 2 Megabyte limit.

What functions are disabled on the servers?
Here´s a list of the disabled functions as per phpinfo():
symlink, shell_exec, exec, proc_close, proc_open, popen, system, dl, passthru,
escapeshellarg, escapeshellcmd, show_source

MySQL server has gone away
This message can have a lots of reasons. Most of the times you will see this message because your script is executing queries that take too long to complete and the MySQL server closes the connection. Make sure to streamline your queries, if necessary contact the developers of your script to see if there are workarounds or improvements available.

Query Execution Interrupted
This one is similar to the “MySQL server has gone away”. Also caused by queries taking too long to complete. You might also get this error when the server is about to shut down and restart, which happens periodically at 000webhost to make sure the server doesn´t hang.

more than max_user_connections active connections or too many connections
If you see this message, it means your script is not optimized and makes too many connections to the database (or your website is very active, has many users online at the same time). In this case you can try to run the mysql_reconnect command before each query (which might not work for all scripts). Also try adding mysql_close() at the end of your script to close all open connections. This works to some degree, if your site is getting a lot of traffic you might have to upgrade as the amount of simultaneous connections made
is very limited on free hosting.

Can i browse my page entering the IP address instead of the URL?
Unfortunately that´s not possible on shared hosting. Just entering the IP address shown in your control panel will not result in your page displayed. All accounts on a server share an IP address and by just entering the IP the server would not know which page from which account to serve as there is no URL portion in that request which would tell the server what page to fetch.

Can i browse my site using a temporary URL until DNS propagation has finished?
Temporary URLs are not available for free accounts

Can i change the collation of the MySQL database?
To change the collation of your 000webhost.com MySQL database log into phpMyAdmin (can be found in your control panel), open the “Operations” tab and select your desired collation.

Can i host a Minecraft Server on your hosting?
Game servers like Minecraft or any other game cannot be hosted at 000webhost.com


    • The error page is what you should get.
      With 000webhost.com you cannot access your website via IP address because you share the IP address with all other users on the same server. So the server would not know which page to server if using the IP address.

      If you would like to open your website then please use your URL/Domain Name to do so.

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