Email problems

000webhost email problems
000webhost email problems

The email blacklists strike again. And again, respectively their mailserver(s) seem to be blacklisted on various lists. I know of SpamHaus having them listed, there might be others as well. But does it come as a surprise? Not really i’d say. The email issues with are going on since like forever. I joined them back in 2008 and even back then there were email issues ever so often. IPs got blacklisted, got removed from the blacklist and got blacklisted again a few days later.

I can’t really say that there was a longer period of time where there were no issues with emails at all. Lost count of the number of times were emails sent via PHP mail() function did not arrive at all (did not show up in inbox or in junk mail/spam mail folders) and eventually left for paid hosting.  But then i guess it’s the same for most of the companies that offer free hosting and also offer email services (be it PHP mail() or SMTP). Eventually the service will get abused for sending spam mails and the IPs of the servers will end up on some blacklist and, as a result, prevent non-fraudulent users from sending legit emails(s).

[su_highlight background=”#99c1ff”]For now there are no news if and when the email problems will be solved (IPs removed from the blacklists), but i don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. [/su_highlight]


    • Using PHPs mail() function at has always been some sort of “lottery”. Their servers get blacklisted quite often, mainly because of abuse by users sending mass mails/spam from their accounts. A blacklisted server will result in the problem you are having now. You can send the mail through a form on your website, but it never reaches your email…because of the server being blacklisted.

      There isn’t much you can do about it except for opening a support ticket and letting them know that their mail server seems to be blacklisted.

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