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Just stumbled over another ticket from a client who asked why his domain isn’t working yet. The account was registered two days ago, using a regular domain instead of a free subdomain offered by The ticket was submitted yesterday, he also received a reply telling him that the domain does not work because of the name servers not yet pointing to He now wanted to know where to edit the name servers so they point to and and i had to tell him that this needs to be done at the domain registrar (the company he registered the domain name with).

His reply to me telling him to go check with his domain registrar was the same that i read many many times before. Let me quote wat he replied:

Oh, i thought just entering a domain name would be enough. I did not know that i have to buy the domain first.

And that’s what you get to hear in about 70% of the tickets complaining about domains not working after signing up. People just fill in the form and completely ignore the “Domain must already be registered” part right after the text field they are supposed to put their domain name in.

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“Registered” means you have to actually “buy” the domain name first before you can use it. It is not as simple as just putting a domain name and then the host will register that domain on your behalf. See, registering domains costs money and can, depending on the TLD, be quite expensive. No free host will offer TLDs for free…ever. Take my word for it, i have been with many free hosts over the last…maybe 15 years or so…and i have yet to see a free host offering free TLD registration. If you know of any then feel free to leave a comment with the link/name of the free host.

So let’s summarize:
[su_box title=”Hosting your own domain with” style=”bubbles”]When hosting your own domain at you need to register it first and then sign up for a free account. Registration needs to be done with an ICANN accredited domain registrar, check below for a few links to registrars (i recommend, almost all my domains are registered with them)[/su_box]

And here come the links to domain registrars: (also offers decent hosting)

It’s worth checking out prices across various registrars as they may vary noticeably. Go register your domain with any of them and then sign up for a free account at using your domain

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