Disable Analytics Code #1

By default 000webhost.com is adding a line of code to your websites which tracks website activity. What exactly is tracked i don’t know, but i guess this code is the one they use to monitor websites to see if they meet the minimum requirements to be considered active (10 hits per month). I might run some tests/comparisons to see if that’s true when time permits. Below is the code they add to your site(s)

The problem with 000webhost.com adding the analytics code is the way they add it. It gets added to every page after the closing body tag as you can see in the example below:

Adding the code after the closing body tag will inevitably break some javascripts, not to mention that your website will fail W3C validation. There are countless posts over at the 000webhost.com forum where people report problems with their Lightbox script or other javascripts that are not working properly and the usual fix is to disable the analytics code. Another reason are the ads that they display on inactive websites, but that will be explained in a different How To.

To disable the 000webhost.com analytics code you need to go to http://members.000webhost.com/analytics.php and enter your domain and FTP password. When entering the domain only put your domain name, no WWW or http://. Another common error is that people enter their member area password instead of their FTP password. While both are the same initially the FTP password might get changed at some point (either by you for security reasons or by 000webhost.com as they have the habit to automatically change FTP passwords every 6 months. Not sure if they still do that, but i know they did it). When you entered domain and FTP password select Disable Code from the dropdown list on that page and click Submit

000webhost.com Analytics Code
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After you submitted the request you will see a confirmation that the request was processed successfully. This is what you should see on your screen:

000webhost.com Analytics Code
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  1. I’ve done that. the analytic code was removed from index.php on my website. But still it remains in all the other pages. How to remove them? The codes are not even showing up when viewing through file manager.

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