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Every now and then you should take a backup of your website and databases. There are two ways of creating a backup of your website when hosting your site at The first one is using the Backups feature which is available in your control panel. This will let you create a full backup of your account, including files and databases. Emails however are not part of the backup that is created, just files and databases. You can also backup your stuff by simply downloading it via FTP and exporting the database(s) using phpMyAdmin but i’d say using the control panel to create the backup is the more convenient way for the beginner. cpanel cpanel






Click the Backups link and a new page will open with a bunch of text in it and a button labeled Generate New Fresh Backups (see screenshot below). If you never made a backup before the page will look exactly like the screenshot below, else the last backup that was made will be shown in the list. backups backups


Click the Generate New Fresh Backup button and the next thing you’ll see is a message telling you that the backup is in process now and that it might take a few minutes for it to complete. You can now either return to your control panel or to the Backups screen. When done the backup will be listed in the bottom half of the Backups list like shown in the screenshot below backups backups


The Backups are now available on the remote server and you just need to transfer them to the FTP server from where you can download your backups. This is done by clicking Make Backups Available for Download. Depending on the size of the backup it might take a few seconds up to 5 minutes for the backup to be transferred to the download server. After the backup was transferred to the server it will show up as available for download (screenshot below) Backups Backups


To download the backup you just need to click the file names now.


  1. tanx for useful article
    after 10 min it doesn’t generated backup. there is a big problem with 000webhost. it doesn’t show up sites and doesn’t help in free plan.

    • That’s a common issue with them, backups never really worked flawlessly. If you really need a backup i suggest to manually download the contents of your site using a FTP client like FileZilla and exporting the database via phpMyAdmin in the control panel

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