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When you register your account the FTP password and member area password are the same (the password you set when signing up). For the sake of security you should change the FTP password to something else since having the same password for the member area and FTP is a bad idea. To change the FTP password you have to log in to your control panel and click the View FTP Details icon (see screenshot below). Control Panel
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This will bring up a summary of your FTP details, like domain name, user name, password (encrypted of course), the folder to upload your files to and a link to change the account password. For some bizarre reason at it is called account password instead of FTP password. I find that a bit confusing, but once you know that with account password on that screen they mean the actual FTP account it’s ok.

000webhost FTP password
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Clicking the Change account password link opens the screen where you can set a new password.
The new password has to be at least 6 characters long and include numbers and letters. So 123456 won’twork, neither will password. FTP password
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Enter your password twice and click the Change button to save the changes, then give the system a couple of seconds to update the changes in the customer database. To test if everything worked ok you should then try to establish a FTP connection using the new password.

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