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It’s been a while

It’s been a while….der Song von Staind läuft gerade in Dauerschleife im Hintergrund während ich hier schreibe. Warum Dauerschleife? Keine Ahnung, habe ich manchmal. Dann brennt sich ein Song so in die Synapsen ein und endet in der Schleife hehe.Die…

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Penguin on a Bike – Geschichten über meine Fahrradtouren, meine Bikes und kuriose Erlebnisse auf dem Fahrrad..

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Penguin on a bike

Well, last day at work today before it’s vacation time for me. I won’t be going anywhere this time but will stay home and wait for Bike #1 which needs some wear parts replaced. This “bike-free” time is going to…

Broken images

000webhost – Image not showing Ever noticed that there is a problem with one of the file managers 000webhost offers you in their control panel to upload your files? Say you uploaded all the files belonging to your website to…

Expenses so far

Two months left until the start of “Project Denmark”. On May 7th i’ll start the bike ride home from Skagen in Denmark to Dortmund. The preparations are almost complete. Routes have been planned, camp sites booked, necessary equipment bought. However,…

Penguin News

NextGen Gallery Minify

Right, i decided to buy the NextGen Gallery Plus Package mainly for the additional Lightbox effects and album layouts to choose from. So after installing the plugin i went and redid the galleries, then went and added APC to the…

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SMF content encoding

SMF showing content encoding error Well, this isn’t really specific to, you might run into this error with a lot of different hosts, especially free ones. It all started with an user reporting that his SMF forum, hosted at…

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Inactive Account

Sort of bored right now and not sure whether to watch another episode of “An Idiot Abroad” or not (though i love Karl Pilkingtion. Very similar to me, moaning a lot hehehe). Anyway, i was bored to the point that…

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Odd Things

Flotter Dreier

Chaos und schallendes Gelächter heute morgen während des alltäglichen Morgenkaffees bei meinem Bäcker (jeden verdammten Arbeitstag, seit 4 Jahren).

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